Research activities

Meet the research team:

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Selection of things out there

  • Oberman, H. I., & Vink, G. (2024). Toward a standardized evaluation of imputation methodology. Biometrical Journal, 66, 2200107. link
  • Cai, M., van Buuren, S., and Vink, G. (2023). Joint distribution properties of fully conditional specification under the normal linear model with normal inverse-gamma priors. Scientific Reports, 13(1):1–7. link
  • Muijzer, M., Hoven, C., Frank, L., Vink, G., and Wisse, R. (2022). A machine learning approach to explore predictors of graft detachment following posterior lamellar keratoplasty: a nationwide registry study. Scientific reports, 12(1):1–9. link
  • Cai, M., van Buuren, S., and Vink, G. (2022). How to relate potential outcomes: Estimating individual treatment effects under a given specified partial correlation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.12931. link
  • Fopma, A., Cai, M., van Buuren, S., and Vink, G. (2022). A blended distance to define” people-like-me”. arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.04650. link
  • Gopalakrishna G, ter Riet G, Vink G, Stoop I, Wicherts JM, et al. (2022) Prevalence of questionable research practices, research misconduct and their potential explanatory factors: A survey among academic researchers in The Netherlands. PLOS ONE 17(2). link
  • Cai, M., Vink, G (2022). A note on imputing squares via polynomial combination approach. Comput Stat. link
  • Volker, T.B.; Vink, G (2021). Anonymiced Shareable Data: Using mice to Create and Analyze Multiply Imputed Synthetic Datasets. Psych, 3, 703-716. link
  • Oberman, H. I., van Buuren, S., & Vink, G. (2021). Missing the point: Non-convergence in iterative imputation algorithms. arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.11951. link
  • Schouten RM, Vink G (2021). The Dance of the Mechanisms: How Observed Information Influences the Validity of Missingness Assumptions. Sociological Methods & Research. 50(3):1243-1258. link
  • Schouten, R.M., Lugtig, P. & Vink, G. (2018): Generating missing values for simulation purposes: a multivariate amputation procedure, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 88:15, 2909-2930. link

Manuscripts for closed access publications

I choose to publish my own activities only under open access, copyleft licences or in the public domain. Sometimes I collaborate with others that do not have that flexibility. You can find the manuscripts for closed access publications in this archive. If you feel you miss something, please drop me a line and I will add the corresponding file.

Selection of submitted/working papers

  • [with Mingyang Cai and Stef van Buuren] Multiple imputation for individual causal effects.
  • [with Stef van Buuren] The best prediction can be the worst imputation.
  • [with Hanne Oberman and Stef van Buuren] Missing the Point: Non-Convergence in Iterative Imputation Algorithms.
  • [with Jihane Cherif] On the statistical properties of combining ANOVAs after multiple imputation.