mice in R

I actively develop for package mice in R.

Mice is an awesome piece of multiple imputation software that allows you to generate multivariate imputations via Fully Conditional Specification (FCS) and Joint Modeling. Have a look at the mice Github and the mice vignettes.

The mice package contains functions to:

  1. Inspect the missing data pattern
  2. Impute the missing data $m$ times, resulting in $m$ completed data sets
  3. Diagnose the quality of the imputed values
  4. Analyse each completed data set
  5. Pool the results of the repeated analyses
  6. Store and export the imputed data in various formats
  • to e.g. SPSS, MPlus
  1. Generate simulated incomplete data with ampute [pdf][vignette]
  2. Incorporate custom imputation methods
  3. Choose which cells to conditionally impute

shinyMICE in RShiny

I am the originator of the shinyMICE project in R. Shinymice is a model building and evaluation suite for multiple imputation models.